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Maseno University is a fully chartered university by an act of parliament of December 2000. It became operational in 2001 afer meritoriously operating as Maseno University College since October 1990. It is the only university in the world under the equator.

The Maseno University Nairobi center is intended to realize the university's objective of providing quality education to a wider population of Kenya through its outreach programs and estension services and thus stimulate the intellectual participation of students and staff in economical, social, scientific and technological developemnt of Kenya.

The following programmes will on offer at our Nairobi Centre as from April 2009

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with IT
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA) with IT
  • Maseno University Bridging maths

    Applicants for the two degree courses should have KCSE aggregate grade of C+ in Maths or 2 pprincipal passes with a credit in Maths, or C plain with a diploma, or C+ with a bridging certificate in Maths from Maseno University.

Undergraduate Entry grades



Aggregate grade of C+ with C+ in Mathematics

2 Principal passes with credit in Mathematics or C Plain
With a Diploma. Or C+ with bridging Certificate in
Mathematics from Maseno University.



Registration Fees

Other Mandatory charges

Kshs. 50,000/= per Semester

Kshs. 5,900/= per Year

Kshs. 10,000/= Per Semester

Course Duration

Three years - one academic year of three (3) semesters. Each Semester has 16 weeks

Bridging Maths (3 Months)
  • Kshs 20,000/= (Tuition Fee)
  • Kshs 3,000/= (Examination Fee)
  • Kshs 2,00/= (Registration Fee)