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Regional Institute of Business Management was founded in 1999 and has since been laying a strongbfoundation for value education. The Institute is registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training, Kenya National Examination Counicl (KNEC),ABE, ICM,ABMA,ACCA, CIM.

To be an institute of academic excellence that offers internationally recognized knowledge and skills in business, professional and management in the region.

Provision of high quality business, professional and management education that cost effectively prepare our students to serve both in the public and private sectors with competence and integrity to support the economic and technical development of Kenya.

a) To develop the potential in each student to the fullest
b) To make the students realize who they are and how to play their effective role in the society
c) To inculcate in the students a value for work.
d) To make the students honest, accountable, transparent and trustworthy in what ever they do
e) To make the students independent and critical in their thinking, action and judgement
f) To make students independent economically and able to sustain themselves and their dependants
g) To make the students patriotic and good citizens of this country an the global village which this world had become
h) To enable the students appreciate and value themselves as human beings as well as their village mates
and fellow citizens.
I) Inculcate in the students a sense of respect and awe for God, the Prime Mover of the universe and the
protector for all.

The delivery of programmes at Regional utilized on innovative mixed - mode format to provide affordable relevant and up-to-date training and education to students. In partnership with Kenyatta University (KU) we have launched programmes that allows progression Bachelors andmasters degrees.

Some of the programmes includes:

  • Information and CommunicationTechnology
  • Accountancy
  • BusinessAdministration
  • Human Resource Management
  • SecretarialTraining
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical LaboratoryAssistant
  • Control &Management of HIV/AIDs
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Health
  • Community Development
  • Journalism and Media Studies